Rexburg Married Student 4th Stake

4th stake pavedAs a company that specializes in building site preparation and  excavation, Zollinger Construction was recently subcontracted by Ormond Builders to provide site work and utilities for the Rexburg Married Student 4th Stake. The engineer’s building plans called for the new 37,000 square foot building to sit on over nine feet of structural fill.  Therefore, during the Fall of 2012 we hauled over 25,000 cubic yards of structural fill from our pit in Teton.  In order to effectively meet the demand there were up to 12 trucks hauling at one time, maintaining a continuous workflow to the appointed equipment operators.

To make sure there was no break in the production line the equipment operators graded and compacted the material delivered by the trucks so that it was complete and ready for the concrete contractor to begin with the building’s foundation.

As laid out in the building plans, there will be an extensive storm drain system installed by the Spring of 2013.  There will also by several outbuilding constructed, sidewalks in place, and the parking done at this time.